Lambs and Wire.

Mr Petit and the two boys have gone on a day out to Washbrook Farm. It is sunny and lovely and there will be new born lambs skipping and frolicking. I am not envious at all, or jeal… I am jealous. I am really, really, really jealous. I am holding back from placing a hoax bomb-alert call to the front of house receptionist at Washbrook Farm. I may pee all over their clothes and bedding like cats do when they are pissed off about something. Instead here I lay surrounded by jewellery making stuff and wishing I could buy some more tools and supplies to satiate my need for retail therapy due to the psychological damage I am endurng because I have been abandoned by the rest of my family going somewhere fun and pretty with lambs.

To iterate my point here is a picture of a lovely skippity skip lamb.

To be honest having found this picture I now have the fits of giggles.. ah dear at least I amuse myself (which you have to do when you ARE ON YOUR OWN). I actually don’t mind my own company due to the fact that we get on.

What I really am supposing to be writing about is wire and bending. Bearing in mind that I am actually doing all of my wire work and crocheting lying down, it does get a bit tricky at times but as it is keeping my mind and hands busy and I love it.. I bear with. I have sussed that the problem I have is manipulating the wire without damaging the surface of it. You basically have these implements to shape/cut/bend:

Wire tools

And these are the types of wires I am using:

Wire Silver plated, gold plated wire

The first picture is a gold coloured copper wire that is thin and easy to use but not very strong as it is so soft. The silver plated wire in the second picture is a harder .08mm which is the one I have the most trouble with and the lower two wires are gold plated at 0.6 and 0.4mm respectively, easier to use but again the thinner the more delicate.

I have been playing about with them and have managed to fix a couple of items of jewellery that I haven’t been able to wear in ages – so although rudimentary in design, they are now functional.

Silver, pendant, wrapping, fixing, crystals.

Silver ring casing had split in two places so the wire now holds it together. The lovely pendant underneath had broken so I just rewrapped it.

My next purchase needs to be a jeweller’s steel mandrel:

(This is for not only sizing but for shaping too. I can feel like Harry Potter as well and wield it around unnecessarily). I also need a metal file to get rid of those nasty sharp ends.

So there you go, some technical bits to go along with my musings. Having become bored of lying in my own bed I have taken to moving around to the other beds (as yet not peed on) and here is the view from my middling (meddling) son’s bed, not particularly scenic but at least different and I get to enjoy his Toy Story bedding.

Worthing view.

Meddling Son’s Bedroom View.



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